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It's been long time since I compiled on the answers on What's something you love about Our Prophet Muhammad SAW. It was been asked on somebody's IG (sorry I forgot who's IG) and I read at the comments sections for answers and jot down their answers :) Rajin kan??? :) But they answers are all amazingly amazing! And today I asked my close friends on the  same questions too. Ok let us look at some of the answers ya peeps!

- His Akhlaq. No one else like him will ever walk this earth again (oh I love this asnwer)

- He went out of his way to take care of people, always showed his love for his wives, spoke gently, had playful nature like how he use to race with Aishah , he never got angry even when provoked and always smile

- His loves towards his ummah and make doa for us that he have not met 

- He stayed awake in night prayers despite being favored and forgiven by Allah because He said, "Should I not be a thankful slave?"

- He pray for us despite our sins

- He never judged anyone instead he advised them kindly with best intention at heart and helped to lead them onto straight path

- His love for Fatimah r a , his daughter. When she entered the room, he would stand up, kiss her, take her hand and make her sit in his place. His affection for Fatimah was so intense that it was narrated by Al-Miswar bin Makhrama that our prophet said, 

"Fatimah ra is part of me, and he who makes her angry makes me angry" (Sahih al-Bukhari) 

- His level of patience. How he showed his patience and tolerance when he was inviting the people of Ta'if to Islam and make good do'a to the people who harmed him while he can make do'a of punishment. He never cursed or revenge.

- He treated everyone kindly - the sinner, the beggar, the ignorant- all with humility and gentleness eventhough he was the greatest man

- His obedience

- Soft spokeness, the prophet was never harsh

- His inteligence, leadership

- He still kind to those who hurted him 

- His choice of words

- How he gave women their rights and freedom

- His ability to forgive

- He is Al-Ameen

- His romantic love story with Khadijah

- His extreme shyness

- His last words, "O Allah! (with) the highest companions" 

- Noble mankind, he is the most loved human yet most humbled

- He visit his sick Jewish neighbor who treat him badly

- His trials and his spiritual emotional strength yet he cries (it's ok to cry). Surah Ad Dhuha was revealed to comfort our Prophet Muhammad and the assurance that Allah is with him no matter what

- His conversations with Allah during Isra' Mi'raj in which has a direct impact on our daily lives as Prophet Muhammad requested to lower the daily prayers from fifty to five daily prayers. 

- His advise to women to recite istighfar and sadaqah

- His willing to sacrifice a lot of things for his ummah

- His treatments towards kids

- His ability to stay calm, polite and smile in situations which probably all of us would have exploded in anger

- His last sermons

- How he is so futuristic 

- His time management, balance of life 

- He sacrificed so much not only for Ummah but for Allah

There are a lot more.....

We should look at our Prophet Muhammad as our role model. Love him not only it is the month he was born. 

To love the Prophet Muhammad , is to love Allah. 

Allahumma salli ala saiyidina Muhammad. 

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  1. nice sharing dear. bercakap tentang rasul kita ni buatkan i teringat balik banyak kenangan di tahun 2009. memula tgk programme tv berkenaan nabi kita ni. programme dr saudi. i love to hear the song lau kana bainana. banyak merubah diri i mulai dari waktu tu. segala sunnah2 nya buat diri terpanggil utk cuba membuat satu persatu. alhamdulilah..


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