We know that whatever is written for us, will come to us.

We can never understand what happening to us but Allah is never wrong to give us any trials, good or bad but we should know that Allah is taking care of us. 

Recently I had majlis ilmu via zoom with Ustazah from Singapore. 

She said, 

Whatever has written for you will never missed you.

And also , I read from Aida Azlin Tuesday news letter, she wrote :

What I have come to realise is that nothing "just" happens in our lives, because Allah SWT is always sending us purposeful surprises and gifts. He is always delivering to us reminders after reminders.

Knowing that trials is also a gift from Allah, may we always remember that His 'gift' which will come in many shapes and forms are always made to perfect us, to make us closer to Him. It might not come wrapped in a Prada bag but it might come with a loss of a job, a health issues or other matters but just look deeper and find Him within a storm. 

Come closer to Allah.  

Ask Allah guide us. 

Trust Allah. 

Have faith.


With love, 



  1. This is just perfect for a short night read. I enjoy reading AA Love Letters as well. Thank you so much for your recent email. That one mail actually made my whole day a lot brighter. May Allah bless you sis.

    1. Keep on writing sis Ray. I love your blog. I’m a fan :)

  2. Nice post that makes my heart feel so calm. Sometimes we always focus on the gift should be something that brings "happy". But turn out, we need to have a look at what we get after going through the trials that He gives


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