Your best friend's birthday is around the corner? Or looking for any exchange gift?

Finding something to give your best friends on their birthdays or any special occasions are sometimes hard. I know that I am hanging out with them and knew what they like and finding gift for them shouldn’t be hard.

Yes it’s the thoughts that count but for me I want to pay attention on the good gift for them. Orang kata, buy something that they would love. But some people would love any gift including myself. Tak kisah hadiah apa pun.

Anyhow, here are my choice of gift for my best friend for the year 2021. I hope this can be pretty helpful for you to find a perfect gift for them too okay.

 1) Tiffin

Somehow this tiffin is very popular since last year. It is very colorful too. I bought tiffin with their names engraved on it for two of my best friends whom their birthdays were in March.


             2) Viral Plate

           This viral plate I bought for Exchange gift occasions with the girls at my office.  Pretty isn't                    it?                 


 sources from google

             3) Obsessed make up 

            I found this is fancy but useful for a career woman who always in a rush to do make up in the                morning. This is a special edition JAR OF HEARTS blusher but at the same time you can  also             use it as  the eyeshadows.    

                                                    sources from google

            4) Chopping board

            Recently I saw Neelofa's instagram that she was received a chopping board and apron with her                names on it. So I pun order satu for my bestie jugak for her birthday this month of September.

sources from Qaleesya Official

            5) Kaftan

            This one for my best friend's birthday in October. I dah beli awal-awal tau. 

sources from Inhanna 


         6) Water bottle

         Look at that! Water bottle with her name engraved too.    

Till then,








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