I feel so embarrassed to confess that : I feel like my Imaan is very weak and I’ve been slaking off.

How proactive have I been in seeking Allah SWT?

Even this morning, I told my best friend that I’ve been slacking off during this partial lockdown.

Have I take this opportunity to improve my ibadah to Him?

Did I manage to read more pages of Al Quran?

I acknowledge this, and this is the way Allah teaches me to put an effort to be near to Him.

Allah let me came across a Tuesday Letter from Aida Azlin that I used to subscribe.

In her letter titled “Being A friend of Allah” mentioned this:

Here are some questions we then have to ask ourselves: Is Allah the first One we turn to for help at all times? Is earning the pleasures of Allah your top goal even in times of difficulty? Do you have complete trust that Allah SWT will always make the "fires" in your life be "cool" and "safe"?

I’m going off track.  

I find myself procrastinating.

My khusyu’ is absent when I pray, when I do zikir.

I need to redirect my attention to akhirah.

I need to make a U-turn  to Allah, ask for forgiveness for my short comings, and ask Him to renew and strengthen the faith in my heart.

As Our beloved Prophet says:

“Indeed, faith wears out in the heart of any one of you just as clothes wear out, so ask Allah to renew faith in your hearts.” (Muslim)

I never want my heart to fall back into that state again, and I never want the connection with my Creator to be strained or cut. Allah never pushes us away. He is all Merciful.

Ya Allah, please help me to keep my heart alive.




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